Look out for Yuppies Running Red Lights While Talking on Cell Phones - They Don't Care About You !
a yuppy driving a ford explorer this could be your car this could be you
.....and how they turn ordinary peoples life into chaos!!!!

This is how the accident has impacted my life…. Pun intended.

Since it happened 2 days before Thanksgiving, my holiday was marred. Part of my family came into town to have dinner and I had to get someone to pick me up since I had no car. And thanksgiving dinner was spent in a bad mood with sore and aching body parts. My family was a bit more depressed about my situation because my great niece Christy, age 14, had badly broken her arm two days before. We were the walking wounded that holiday.

Because of the holiday, it took until Friday, 4 days after the accident, to get to a doctor and get a rental car.

I had intended to launch a new small computer service business around Thanksgiving. I got my DBA in October and sent off my application for a sales tax permit immediately thereafter. I received my sales & use tax permit the second week of November. I had almost took out some advertising the morning of the day of the accident but something told me to wait. Later that afternoon, a woman with a good job, a husband, lots of money and a vehicle which out weighed mine by 1100 pounds runs into me because admittedly, she wasn’t paying attention. Then I had a wrecked car, a ruined holiday and ruined business plans because with a sore shoulder I should not be wrestling with computers and monitors and crawling around on the floor to hook/unhook cables.

I tried to start this business because I got tired of working for other people for an hourly rate, solving their problems and coming up with new ideas and not being appreciated or accurately compensated. Now I find myself on Wednesday, December 13, 2000, no closer to being able to advertise and get my business off the ground and in a rental car still.

More to follow……


I was a passenger in Dan's car, it was 2 days before thanksgiving and it was a simple enough little road trip. Go down to the local hardware store and pick up a new baking element for my oven so I could cook a Thanksgiving day turkey. Never assum that a short trip and a simple errand will be just that - simple. (....to be finished later)

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