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F R E E     D O W N L O A D S
of some pretty cool (and useful) stuff I have written in QBASIC
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1999, 2000, 2001 Matt Gilbert

qbench1.zip binary   qbench1.bas source
This is a benchmark program that will give your CPU a math a little bit of a workout, it counts numbers inside a nested loop. On a linux machine with a sempron 3000+ CPU 1.8 ghz processor it takes right around 26 seconds. HOW FAST IS YOUR MACHINE?

mcode6.zip   view source code
This is a program I wrote that can help you learn morse code by listening to what properly sent code sounds like. You just start typing away and you hear morse code through your pc speaker. File size about 100K bytes.

mattpj1.zip   view source code
Matt Practical Joke #1 - harmless, but scary! An excelent gag to play on an unsuspecting friend or co-worker. Put this file in their start up group, autoexec.bat file, or on a bootable floppy. When they boot up it looks like some kind of 'optimizer' is checking everything out, then there is a bogus error message, and it appears that the hard drive is undergoing a format, followed by a message 'sorry, all data was lost'. After pressing 3 or 4 keys, it lets the victim off the hook and everything goes back to normal. Absolutely does not make any changes or do any harm.

Matt Practial Joke #2 - another practical joke, looks like a virus is eating up all your files, lets the victim off the hook after about 30 seconds or when any key is pressed.

comcal.zip   comcal.exe   view source code
COMCAL Commission Calculator - Here's a handy little program I wrote, and if you work on a commission this will help keep the confusion level down to a minimum. You enter the job description (or customers name) and sale amount and it shows you in nice neat columns the commission for each job, and the totals for all the jobs entered. Beats the heck out of a pencil, scratch paper, and calculator!

COMCAL ver 1.1 Commission Calculator - same as above, but I fixed a printing bug that sometimes caused a problem when more than 10 entries are entered.

mwrite.bat code
Mwrite - A nifty batch program I wrote. This program allows you to password protect a text file, for your eyes only. Perfect for a daily journal or notes that you don't want anyone else reading, or that mystery novel you've always wanted to write. You must have PKUNZIP, PKZIP, and EDIT.COM already on your computer and in your path statement.

CMPINT Compound Interest Calculator - is a fun little program. Ever wonder how much money you would have after 10 years if you had 100 bucks compounded annually?? Find out with this little program!

O T H E R     D O W N L O A D S

VueSave is a cool little shareware 16 bit (windows 3.1) program (about 166 KB) that let's you view your picture files as a screensaver. Allows you to specify the directory from which to show pics, as well as the duration in seconds for each pic. A nice little program. The author has more recent stuff at www.harmrick.com

Good Dog is a strange little program with a dog running around your desktop.

Contains seagate low level format utility to write zeros to your hard drive. Useful for removing stubborn OS's (I won't mention any names) that seem to 'haunt' your hard drive even after you have supposedly gotten rid of them. Works on most IDE E-IDE hard drives

Small DOS utility to copy files from one hard drive to another, especially useful for setting up a new hard drive and transferring your old files and OS. Transfers LFN's, system, and hidden files, works fine for DOS and win 9.x without any problems that I've encountered. 77k bytes download.

DOS partition resizer. Freeware. If you don't know what it is, then you don't need it.

Neat little game with warriors running around trying to kill each other.

RASSPY.EXE is a neat little win 9.x program, it stands for Remote Access Spy and let's you see what is going on 'behind the scenes' on your computer if you are dumb enough to be using third party dialing software.

This is just a picture showing how to properly wear your seatbelt, probably not found in any drivers license manuals.

matt sez support live music epiphone les paul

Well, don't just sit there staring at the Barnes and Noble banner, click on it and let it take you to the thousands of books they have in the Bargain Books sections, range $5 to $15 bucks! They got CD's and stuff too ya know!

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