life is short, time passes so quickly, and circumstances change, so I like to snap a picture of everyday life whenever I can.

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yours truly 2002

yours truly 2002

yours truly 2002

Hank Y. & his dog Shadow

Musician friend David A.

Me, Phil and Kenny - lunch @ Burger King 2003

Phil & Ken A/C & Heat Co-workers and friends 20+ years, Sept 12, 2003

Phil & Matt

Phil & Matt

Phil, Kenny and I in the Burger King parking lot Sept 12, 2003. Photo courtesy of Melanie (thanks for chopping off our heads!!!! (g)

Jammin' in the back yard with 'Poopie' enjoyin' the rock n roll - I think

Donny & Surfer Tommy hangin' in the front yard

My old buddy Trenton drinking a beer in front of Autozone 2001

Longtime friend Mark, aka 'Weazal' with his vintage Gibson Melody Maker Guitar

A picture of me snapped near a gas station around Christmas 2002 while taking a bike ride

Friends Tommy 'looney' and 'Crazy' Ed carrying on in my front yard.

Melanie giving 'Webbie' a bath April 2003

Clarissa biked over for a visit March 2004

Debbie and I in the back yard, 2004

Linda at Haviland Park 2008

Christina in front yard October 2008

Dan Breaux visits Houston April 2010

Matt Gilbert-New Years Day 2010

Thanksgiving 2009 with Cyndi, myself, and my sister Mary

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