What did you do this weekend? I got to slay a mighty oak tree!!!

This is my old friend Billy G. up in the tree with his chainsaw.

Left, our helper, Bill's son Nick keeping the chair warm and making sure nothing happens to it, Right, old friend Robert G. who has the offending oak tree that we are doing battle with.

Atta boy Nick !!!! Don't let that chair get away !!!!! :)

Another shot of Billy in the tree

Here I am ready to lower giant branch that Billy just severed with his chainsaw, it took 12 hours to get this tree down to a stump, but it just goes to show you that even the mighty oak can be defeated!!!!

Now, the oak tree roots will no longer strangle Robert's sewer lines

And we all have a really nice supply of oak wood for BBQing !!!

Yeah, I'm a little sore and my back and feet ache, but at least I made a couple of bucks - truth be told, I don't think I'd want to do this for a living though.....

So, how was your weekend?

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