Windows PKZIP Help

To fetch and install PKZIP in Windows 3.1:
  1. In File Manager create a new directory \pkzip.
  2. Use Netscape or Mosaic to download pkz204g.exe to the new directory \pkzip.
  3. In File Manager double click on pkz204g.exe in your \pkzip directory. The file will explode into a number of useful programs.
  4. Edit autoexec.bat using NotePad and add c:\pkzip to your PATH.
  5. Exit Windows and reboot your computer.
To configure Windows 3.1 to work with PKZIP:
In File Manager choose File/Associate. Specify zip as the extension and c:\pkzip\pkunzip.exe as the associated program. Click OK.
To fetch and install PKZIP in Windows 95:
  1. Use Netscape or Internet Explorer to download pkz204g.exe - store it in a new folder called C:\PKZIP.
  2. In My Computer choose C:, then PKZIP, then double click on pkz204g.exe. The file will explode into a number of useful programs.
To configure Windows 95 to work with PKZIP:
  1. Double-click on My Computer.
  2. Choose View / Options / File Types.
  3. Press New Type.
  4. Enter the following values:
    Description:           Zip File
    Extension:             ZIP
    Content/MIME type:     application/x-zip-compressed
  5. Press New.
  6. Enter the following values:
    Action:                Unzip
    Application:           C:\PKZIP\PKUNZIP.EXE
  7. Finally, exit via OK, Close, Close.
You can now use pkunzip to unzip any zip files you download from the Internet just by double-clicking on the zip file's name in File Manager.
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