Beware of Alembic Fake Bass Guitars out there!!!
I got burned, and am putting these pictures here in hopes of sharing my hard earned lesson with others. I paid $300 for my 'Alembic' in a Houston Texas pawn shop. Below are some pictures of it. Please give these pictures a minute to load.......

Picture # 1 - below
Here is a picture of the headstock. I saw a picture of a Fernandez bass which I believe was a copy of 62 Fender Jazz that looked almost identical to this, - except the Fernandez didn't claim to be an Alembic!!! Note the 'washer' type assembly that pulls the D and G strings in close to the headstock.

Picture # 2 - below
Another picture of the headstock and upper part of the neck. Note the plastic (or bone?) nut. Many or most real Alembics have adjustable nuts, and may be made of brass, I believe. Check with alembic to confirm anything I may say here, I'm not an Alembic expert, although I'm learning fast!

Picture # 3 - below
The body. I admit, this is very nice wood, and nicely finished, I'm guessing it's possibly Alder. At the time I put it in layaway in a Pawn shop, I wish I would have known the dead giveaways here that this is NOT an Alembic. Passive P-style single pickups and the Fender style chrome bridge are not found on Alembics. By the time I started getting suspicious, it was too late, as with most pawn shops, it says right on the ticket, No Refunds, No exhanges.

Picture # 4 - below
Another picture of the body. From what I know, most Alembics have active electronics on board, and more than one pickup. Something didn't quite seem right at the very beginning when I first saw this, too late now, it's all mine. I thought I was getting the deal of the century when I talked them down from $900 to $300. I honestly don't think the pawn shop people knew that they themselves had been snookered, new owners were taking over and they were just trying to liquidate merchandise that had been in there for a long time. Note the round fret marker inlays, many of the real Alembics I've seen pictures of have oval fret marker inlays.

Picture # 5 - below
Here is an overall view of the instrument. The scale length is 34", and the overall length is approx 45 1/2". The knobs are rather Fender-ish, and knurled on the outside.

Picture # 6 - below
Here is a closer view of the body. There are only 20 frets. Many of the Alembics I've seen pictures of have close to two octaves. Check with Alembic for the specs on their various models, although at this point there are so many other indicators that this is not a real Alembic the number of frets is moot.

Picture # 7 - below
Here is a tight closeup of the headstock. All I can say is go and find a picture of a real Alembic's headstock, cause this aint it!!!! Right underneath 'Alembic' is the 'serial number' SN77520. According to Alembics own charts, this would theoretically be the 520th instrument they've made, and the year of manufacture would be 1977. I'm also told that Alembic serial numbers don't start with SN. Also, according to their charts the "Elan" wasn't even produced until 1985 or so. However, the forger did get one thing right, on the older Alembics the serial numbers were placed on the headstock.

Picture # 8 - below
And finally, last but not least, the coupe de 'etat, or coupe de grace, or whatever. The most damning evidence that this is not an Alembic, the bolt on neck. I am told by a member in the yahoo groups 'alembicguitars' that Alembic has N E V E R made a bass with a bolt on neck. Which was kind of what I was thinking from the beginning, I should have listened to the little voice in my head!


You know what you are doing is wrong!

You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself!!! I can only hope that in your little shop where you are re-decaling import guitars and passing them off as Alembics that perhaps some day your sanding disk will come flying off your drill and sever off a couple of fingers. Maybe the glue and solvents you're using will give you a brain anneurism and you will be reduced to a retarded vegetable.
Go out and get a real job like the rest of us, you worthless son of a bitch!!!! Furthermore, I hope that Alembic has the wherewithal and means to track your sorry ass down and throw your ass in jail for many, many years. And you deserve nothing less than a 350 pound cellmate named Bubba who will bend you over three times a day and give you a chance to be the screwee instead of the screwer.
You are totally despicable, and I'm putting you on notice that I have every intention of sharing any and all helpful information I have with Alembic and the authorities!


When I first saw this bass, I attempted to contact Alembic via their websites online contact form, giving them a general description of this instrument as well as the serial number and model info.
Unfortuneately, by the time I received a response, it was too late. I would like to let it be known that the fine folks at Alembic have offered to buy this forgery from me and apply the amount towards a real Alembic.
I think that's very decent of them.

I was looking at the website, and found this offering for $229.00. They call it it the 'Hi Tec 1'.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in NO way implying or alluding that Samick Guitars is in any way connected to these unfortunate instrument forgeries that seem to be surfacing in Texas pawn shops. I think it is apparent that the forger or forgers are taking instruments SUCH AS this one pictured here and are changing the labeling on these instruments and thus passing them off as Alembics.