Ghost in a jar pics, are they real?

You be the judge

Recently, there was an ebay auction of a 'Ghost in a Jar'. I won't go into the details of the auction, but I was looking at the pics and noticed something kind of strange at the gravesite where these two jars were (supposedly) dug up. See if you can see what I see, I'll post the original pics, then I cropped and enlarged and increased the contrast, and I'll show the results of those also.

BELOW: Here is the first picture as seen on the ebay page, see the two people, theres a woman off to the left, and what appears to be a man kneeling down on the right part of the picture.

BELOW: Here is the same pic blown up. Although you can 'see' through the images of the guy and girl, it's interesting how they are 'behind' the iron railing, if it's a hoax, whoever did it is a lot more talented than I am with image editors, that's for sure.

BELOW: Here is a blown up section of the ghost 'girl'. I get the impression that this gravesite is circa 17th or 18th century, I also get the impression that ghost girl is wearing some type of elastic tight fitting turtleneck shirt, did they make those back then?

BELOW: Here is a section of the ghost 'man'

BELOW: Here is another shot of the site as it appears on the original ebay page

BELOW: Here is a blow up of a portion of that picture, with the contrast enhanced. At first, what I thought was either a tree or perhaps even a gravestone monument, upon closer inspection resembles a woman in a gown of some type. Stand back a few feet from your monitor and look at it. Kind of eerie, isn't it?

Conclusion: It's hard for me to draw one. At first, I thought the whole page was a total hoax, albeit clever. But who knows. It's interesting that the seller/author doesn't point out the images. You'll have to draw your own conclusions.