F A Q Frequently Asked Questions

We're always glad to offer assistance, but before you call or email us, check to see if your question is answered here, most likely it is, since I get these questions over and over...(and over!)
Q Do you have catalogs and brochures? Can you mail me some info?
A No. We currently do not have any catalogs or information or brochures we can mail you, but we are working on it. When a catalog becomes available, we'll be glad to pass the information along to you. You can join our mailing list while your on your way to check out our online pricelist which is updated frequently. Once you get there, please bookmark the page so you can easily access it from time to time without having to jump through the hoops again.
Q Can I purchase tools and hardware on your website online with my credit card?
A No. Not at this time, however I've made it very easy to place an order with us. Print out our order form and browse our pricelist and then mail it in or fax it to us, it's not hard, really, I promise. If you feel that not being able to purchase online with a credit card has made the difference between doing business or not, please drop me a brief email.
Q Can I sell your tools on my website? Can you drop ship for me?
A We can drop ship for you anywhere in the continental U.S., prepayment is required.

Q How do I find a specific item on your price list? I'm looking for some (example) ball peen hammers, do you have any?
A YES! Do we ever! First, print out an order form before you do anything else. Then go to our online price list. When you get there, click somewhere on the pages text so that you are 'on the page', your arrow keys will allow you to scroll up and down the page if you've done this correctly. Then (Netscape and IE browsers) hold down your CONTROL key (lower left on the keyboard, marked CTRL), and press the 'F' key. A box will pop up to allow you to search, or find any text combination on that page. If you enter hammer, you will be taken on a grand tour of all our hammers. Fill out the part number, description, and prices on our order form and either fax or mail to us. Complete ordering information can be found on our How to Order page.

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