Texas Driver's License Application

1. Last Name__________________
2. First Name (select one)
____momma was a yankee I only got one name
3. Age______ (if unsure, guess)
4. Sex______ (M, F, or U (unsure))
5. Shoe Size ______Right ______Other Right
6. Occupation
___Hair Dresser___Waitress
___Un-employed___Dirty Politician
7. Spouse's Name:___________________
8. 2nd Spouse's Name:_______________
9. 3rd Spouse's Name:_______________
10. Lover's Name:________________
11. Relationship to Spouse
12. Number of children living in household:_____
13. Number of children living in shed:______
14. Number of children that are yours:______
15. Mother's Name:__________________
16. Father's Name:__________________(If not sure, leave blank)
17. Education: 1 2 3 4 (Circle hightest grade completed)
18. Do you ___own or ___rent your mobile home? (Check appropriate space)
19. Vehicles you own and where you keep them:
___Total number of vehicles you own
___Number of vehicles that still run
___Number of vehicles in front yard
___Number up on blocks
___Number of vehicles in neighbor's front yard
___Number of vehicles in neighbor's front yard up on blocks
19. Number of firearms you own:_______
20. Model and year of your pickup truck:____________
21. Do you have a gun rack?
If no, please explain in detail on back of form
22. Newspapers/magazines you subscribe to:
___The National Enquirer
___The Globe
___TV Guide
___Soap Opera Digest
___Rifle and Shotgun
23. Number of times you have seen a UFO:____
24. Number of times you have seen Elvis:____
25. Number of times you have seen Elvis in a UFO:___
26. How often do you bathe:
___Not applicable
27. How far is your home from a paved road?
___1 mile
___2 miles
___Don't know
28. Number and type of lawn ornaments displayed in your yard:
___Pink Flamingos
___Plastic pinwheels
___Cut out of lady bending over
___Other plastic animals

*This page is not sanctioned by or associated with the Texas Department of Public Safey and is only in fun. I thank them for the "use" of their offical seal and hope they have a sense of humor, too. Visit them on the net at their home page and learn a bit about the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team).Texas Rangers